Welcome to Shaeffer’s Forays

Shaeffer’s Forays:

Advocates for Access, Accountability, and Affordability

Welcome to Shaeffer’s Forays.  We have had our wish granted in that we are certainly living in interesting times, as a society, as an Association and in our business as continuing and professional educators.  In addition to “interesting times” we are living in what can be called “fast times,” that is we are seeing changes in higher education happening at a rapid pace which of course  impacts how we operate in continuing and professional education.

With this in mind, I am stepping out of my own comfort zone and beginning a conversation with you using a blog format.  The title of the blog is Shaeffer’s Forays, which is a pun on the four A’s that drive all us every day as professional and continuing educators: Advocates for Access, Accountability, and Affordability.  My hope is that this will be a two way conversation, first providing a platform for you to inform me of your interests and how I can advocate for those as president elect of UPCEA.  And second, I hope to share with you some of my own thoughts about our field, upcoming UPCEA events, and start a dialogue about the events that are impacting our field.

The blog can be accessed on UPCEA Connect and https://shaeffersforays.wordpress.com/

Starting a new era:

I would like to use this first blog post to send kudos to our President Judy Ashcroft and the search committee for completing a very successful search for the new CEO/Executive Director of UPCEA.  We are very happy to have Bob Hansen as the new CEO/Executive Director, welcome Bob.  Bob brings not only many years of experience as a professional continuing educator but also a passion for our field and for the Association.  Welcome Bob, we are so glad to have you as our new CEO/Executive Director.  For more go to http://www.ucea.edu/

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