Greetings from Wuhan China

Greetings from Wuhan, China. I am winding down a nine day business trip to China that included visits to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Wuhan. In Wuhan I had the opportunity to take part as a speaker for the International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2010) talking about innovation and how we can encourage innovation in our organizations.

As I’ve traveled around China I’ve enjoyed a first hand experience understanding the importance of recognizing that we live in a global economy and the importance of our role as professional and continuing education units in helping our institutions to provide value within the global market place.

As we have in so many areas, our continuing and professional education units have provided leadership for our institutions in exploring the appropriate role in providing opportunities in international programming. For example our 2007 Management Survey indicated that “some 36 percent of public institution CE units and 29 percent of private institution CE units offer onsite programs in other countries. Nearly one quarter of all CE units with programs in other countries have a joint degree program with higher education institutions base in the country., ”

Our association, thanks to our membership, has taken a leadership role in the establishment of the Global Associates. Our Global Associates are a very active group and with the assistance of the UPCEA national office have planned a number of visits to multiple countries as well as providing programming at our annual conference.

While we should all applaud the success of the Global Associates, two questions emerge for me:
First, given that as an association we recognize the importance of providing programming/support for our institutions in the area of international programming, therefore how do we support those institutions exploring international programming who cannot afford to join the Global Associates?

And, the second question that occurs to me is what other areas should we as an association be developing similar services such as those with Global Associates and if we do establish these services how do we fund them?

As we begin a new era of UPCEA with a new CEO/Executive Director, we will certainly do long range planning that will begin to address these question and we will as part of the planning process we will look the membership for input.

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