Executive Assembly

Executive Assembly

The Executive Assembly begins Thursday, September 16 in Chicago.  What we had hoped to do with this event this year is to delve into three major issues: healthcare, climate change, and assessment, which are impacting our society, our institutions, and our continuing and professional education units. 

The speakers for the Executive Assembly bring unique insights into the issues they will be addressing.  Below is a quick bio for all of our speakers.

In a previous note I indicated that there may be some suggested readings to help the participants prepare for the presentations at the Executive Assembly.  Mike Offerman and Linda Baer have suggested the following readings:

Academic Analytics


Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance that Matters in Higher Education


I would also suggest the following readings related to climate change and healthcare:



Lubin, David A.1,2 davea.lubin@gmail.com
Esty, Daniel C.3,4 daniel.esty@yale.edu


Harvard Business Review; May2010, Vol. 88 Issue 5, p42-50, 9p, 2

 What Drives High Health Care Costs–and How to Fight Back.


Levin-Scherz, Jeff


Harvard Business Review; Apr2010, Vol. 88 Issue 4, p72-73, 2p,

Finally, in an effort to reach those who could not attend the Assembly, I will request the presenters’ permission to distribute their PowerPpoint slides.

I look forward to seeing you at the Executive Assembly.

Action Analytics

Mike Offerman:

He has led a national consumer information and accountability effort for colleges and universities serving adult students at a distance known as Transparency by Design, which publishes the website College Choices for Adults.

Linda Baer:

She is the senior officer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working with its Post-Secondary Success Initiative. Baer works with colleges and universities across the nation to develop best practices and policies for improving completion rates in postsecondary education.

Climate Change

David Dana:

Hewas an attorney in the Environmental and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where he worked on enforcement litigation of the Clean Water Act and handled regulatory challenges in circuit courts involving the Clean Water Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Nancy Tuchman:

In 2005 she founded the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy (CUERP) at Loyola with several other faculty colleagues, and has since served as the Center’s Director.
Her vision for CUERP is to raise public awareness of the unsustainable consumption of our Earth’s natural resources with the goal of transforming behavior, developing policy, and inspiring and preparing next generation environmental leaders. 

Laurie Zoloth:

She was the President of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities as well as serving on its founding board for two terms and receiving the Society’s award for Service to the Field in 2007. She was a two term member of the NASA National Advisory Council, the nation’s highest civilian advisory board for NASA, and received the NASA National Public Service Award in 2005.


Cristal Thomas:

As Regional Director, Ms. Thomas is the eyes, ears, and voice for Secretary Sebelius in Region V. Ms. Thomas represents the Secretary in direct official dealings with State, local and Tribal government organizations, and other external partners in the Region.

Richard Kennedy:

Dr. Kennedy has served regularly on various peer-review groups including NIH, the AHA, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Merit Program, the American Diabetes Association and the British Columbia Health Care Research Foundation.

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