Executive Assembly-Action Analytics

Many thanks to everyone who traveled to Chicago for the Executive Assembly and for those who were unable to join us, I’ve gotten permission from nearly all of the presenters to share their slides with you; I’ll post them on UPCEAConnect sometime in the next few days.  I also want to explore our discussions of assessment, climate change, and healthcare over the next several days.  I want to thank all of our presenters, they did a great job. 

I had envisioned the Executive Assembly as an opportunity to explore in depth three topics: assessment, climate change and healthcare.  I think I can safely say that we accomplished this goal in our two days in Chicago.  I must also say that there was an unintended outcome from our time together, and that was we not only shared information about these topics but there was also a “call to action”…a “call to provide leadership” relative to these topics.

Mike Offerman and Linda Baer provided an excellent overview of the need for Action Analytics and set a great tone for the rest of the Assembly.   I will post their slides on UPCEAConnect as soon as I can.  They challenged us by asking if we really are in the business of providing opportunities for student success what is it that we are counting/measuring that truly indicates the student is successful?  They reminded us that behind every story of failure for a student are hopes and dreams unmet.

We were reminded that we have “tons of data” that we don’t use, whether it is quantitative or qualitative, that provide insights into how we can use data to assist in student success.  One place to start is defining the characteristics/creating a profile of our successful and unsuccessful students and then use this data to understand when, where, and what type of intervention we can use to assist a student. 

Our call to action as units is to increase our business intelligence and to be leaders in showing/demonstration our ROE (return on education) for our students and others.  Our call to action as an Association is become part of the national conversation in which measures of success (e.g., time to graduation) and learner segments are being discussed in the Senate and House Education Committees.  Our call to action is to take the data we have and to turn it into information that can be used by and for the students, advisor, faculty, administrators, and other decision makers.

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