Moving from good to REMARKABLE

One of the great advantages of being an executive officer of UPCEA is that you have the opportunity to work closely with the staff in the UPCEA national office. And as we close in on our annual meeting in Toronto, I am finding the national office to be very responsive and beyond helpful. Through the leadership of Judy Ashcroft and Jenny Stine, our annual conference promises to be an excellent professional development experience. For those of you who haven’t registered yet, check it out at

As the conference gets closer, my thoughts become more focused on the fact that it will be my honor to follow in Judy Ashcroft’s footsteps as the president of UPCEA. Judy has provided visionary leadership during a time of change and led the search for our new CEO Bob Hansen.

Like the presidents who have preceded me I have goals and aspirations for my year as president of UPCEA. One of the major aspirations I have, and a challenge that Bob Hansen and I will give to the Board, is how we move UPCEA from good to remarkable.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, working with the American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership, examined multiple professional associations and identified some of the characteristics of what REMARKABLE associations do.

What I find very helpful about the characteristics listed by Collins is that each can and should be used as a measure of our board and all of the activities related to our association. As an association, we will embark on a strategic planning process that will expose our weaknesses and allow us to build on our strengths and will help us better understand our relative position as an association for professional and continuing educators.

One of my goals for the strategic planning process is that the eventual strategic plan moves UPCEA to becoming a REMARKABLE association. To that end, I challenge myself, Bob Hansen, the UPCEA Board, and all members to join me making UPCEA a REMARKABE association.

Remarkable associations build their structures, processes and interactions –their entire culture – around assessing and fulfilling members’ needs and expectations.

Remarkable associations view members as a population to serve, rather than a market to sell to.

Remarkable associations gather information, analyze it, and use it to become even better.

Remarkable associations nurture a culture in which information is analyzed and shared throughout the organization.

Remarkable associations don’t just emphasize thinking strategically, they act strategically; consistently implementing their priorities.

Remarkable associations pursue alliances that relate to existing strategies or that form a tight fit with their mission and purpose.
(7 Measures of Success, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, Copyright 2006)

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