I’ll bet you didn’t know that…..


I’ll bet you didn’t know that….


I’ll bet you didn’t know that within a 90 minute period this afternoon, there were three separate audio conference calls that included dozens of UPCEA members addressing a number of issues related to our association.


Many thanks to Pat Malone, who is taking a leadership role in maintaining the momentum we had with our Career and Economic Development Forums. The goal is to shift away from having an annual conference on this issue to making this a topic within our annual meeting in Portland.  Pat and her team will be reaching out to others in building a track that encompasses the many issues and opportunities related to our role in economic and workforce development.


Many thanks to Amy Heitzman, who is in her second terms as Chair of the Regional Cabinet.  Amy brings together the Regional Cabinet for monthly meetings, and having just gotten off their phone conference, I can report she does an outstanding job of bringing information to the Cabinet as well as facilitating conversation between the regions.  And if that was enough, Amy has also joined in conversations with the COP leadership in finding ways for the COPs and Regions to work together.


Many thanks to Bob Hansen, who could only join us for one of the two conferences above because he was on a conference planning the Leadership Summit in Chicago in the Fall.  Bob is busy not only keeping the UPCEA home fires burning but also launching new initiatives such as the Center for Research and Consulting and the Leadership Summit.


I would be remiss if I didn’t also say thank you to all the leadership groups that are meeting on regular basis.  The COP Council has taken on additional responsibilities in assisting with the development of tracks for the annual conference and met last week.  Our Commission leadership continues to meet and continues to contribute information for our members.  David Schejbal meets monthly with the Annual Conference Committee to further the plans for the 2012 Portland meeting.


At the end of the day, there are a number of people in our association who give freely of their time to further the work of our association and our field.  And, so even though it is summer, I am so thankful that we have such great members who continue to volunteer their time.  But then again, I bet you already knew that.

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