High EQ–a necessity for professional continuing educators

It’s been awhile sense I posted on my blog.  Here is a note I sent to our staff about the importance of exercising our high EQ in our roles as professional continuing educators based on an article by Travis Bradberry.  I’ve copied a link to the article at the end of the post.

Good morning CoCEPD colleagues:

I hope you had a great weekend and got out to enjoy the surprising sunshiny days. I have a number of news/information outlets that “push” articles to me on a daily basis and I received one today about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that I think speaks directly to our mindset, high EQ, as professional continuing educators.

The author, Travis Bradberry, looked at data from a million-plus people and identified the habits that set high-EQ people apart. These habits seem to best describe what we strive for as individuals as well as members in CoCEPD.

What sets high-EQ people apart:

They are relentlessly positive—they focus on those things that are completely within their power-their attention and their effort.

They have a large emotional vocabulary-they can pinpoint and describe their emotions, that is, some people can only describe their emotions as feeling “bad” –high EQ people pinpoint their feeling, e.g., being irritable, frustrated, downtrodden, anxious. Why is this important, if you can identify your feelings you are less likely to make irrational choices and counterproductive actions.

They are assertive-they remain balance and neutralize difficult and toxic people without creating enemies.

The are curious about other people-they have empathy for others and are truly curious about how others are doing.

They forgive, but they don’t forget-they avoid the toxic feelings that comes with holding a grudge but they don’t forget in that they avoid a similar situation in the future.

They won’t let anyone (and I think anything) limit their joy—Hi EQ people don’t let anyone’s opinions diminish the pleasure and satisfaction they feel about their own accomplishments.

They make things fun-they go the extra mile to make people they care about happy.

They are difficult to offend—Hi EQ people are self-confident and open-minded, which creates a pretty thick skin. To quote from our staff meetings, “I don’t mean to throw so and so under the bus, BUT……”

They quash negative self-talk-They understand that our negative thoughts are just that, thoughts, not facts.

There is no doubt in my mind to be happy and successful we need a high EQ and I believe that this is particularly true for those of us in the field of professional and continuing education. When I think about our own challenges in fully establishing the new College of Continuing Educating and Professional Development, it is our collective high EQ that allows to continue to move forward even through much of what we do does not fit the traditional university model.

Thanks to all you for bringing your high EQ game to all we do.





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2 Responses to High EQ–a necessity for professional continuing educators

  1. Don says:

    Attaboy – You’re still on track my friend.

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